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Star Cinema racks up nominations for the 2016 FAMAS Awards

KathNiel, JaDine + more stars dominate the 2016 FAMAS noms

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/29/2016 in News
Star Cinema racks up nominations for the 2016 FAMAS Awards

By Chandral Selim

The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS), the Philippines' oldest award-giving body, has released its list of nominees for 2016 and it is noticeably dominated by Star Cinema films and ABS-CBN artists.

"A Love Affair," "A Second Chance," "You're My Boss," and "Crazy Beautiful You," among others are all nominated for Best Film. Their directors Antoinette Jadaone, Cathy Garcia-Molina, Mae Cruz Alviar, and Nuel Naval are also honored with Best Director nominations.

The leads of "You're My Boss" Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga bagged Best Actor and Best Actress noms. Joining them on the list are Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo for their work in "Crazy Beautiful You", "A Second Chance" stars Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz, James Reid and Nadine Lustre for "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" (also nominated for Best Film) and of course, Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez for "A Love Affair."

The list of Star Cinema and Kapamilya nominees are as follows:

Best Film  

“A Love Affair”- Star Cinema
“A Second Chance”    – Star Cinema
“Crazy Beautiful You” - Star Cinema
“Para Sa Hopeless Romantic” - Star Cinema/Viva Films
“Silong” - Film Laboratories Inc./Black Maria Pictures
“You’re My Boss” – Star Cinema

Best Director

Andoy Ranay - “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Antoinette Jadaone - “You’re My Boss”
Cathy Garcia-Molina - “A Second Chance”
Mae Cruz-Alviar - “Crazy Beautiful You”
Nuel C. Naval - “A Love Affair”
Roy Sevilla Ho and Jeffrey Hidalgo - “Silong”

Best Actor   

Coco Martin - "You’re My Boss”
Daniel Padilla - "Crazy Beautiful You”
James Reid - "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
John Lloyd Cruz - "A Second Chance”
Piolo Pascual - "Silong”
Richard Gomez - "A Love Affair”

Best Actress

Bea Alonzo - "A Love Affair”
Bea Alonzo - "A Second Chance”
Dawn Zulueta - "A Love Affair”
Kathryn Bernardo - "Crazy Beautiful You”
Nadine Lustre - "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Rhian Ramos - "Silong”
Toni Gonzaga - "You’re My Boss”

Best Supporting Actor

Freddie Webb - "You’re My Boss”
Gabby Concepcion - "Crazy Beautiful You”
Guji Lorenzana - “Silong”
Inigo Pascual - “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Ketchup Eusebio - “A Second Chance”
Best Supporting Actress

Angel Jacob - "Silong”
Bea Saw - "A Second Chance”
Julia Barretto - “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Lorna  Tolentino - “Crazy Beautiful You”

Best Child Performer

JM ibañez- “Crazy Beautiful You”
Sam Shaof - "Silong”

Best Story   

Antoinette Jadaone and Yoshke Dimen- “You’re My Boss”
Carmi Raymundo, Vanessa Valdez and Cathy Garcia-Molina - “A Second Chance”
Marcelo Santos III -”Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Rory Quintos - “Crazy Beautiful You”
Roy Sevilla Ho - “Silong”
Vanessa Valdez -  “A Love Affair”

Best Screenplay   

Antoinette Jadaone and Yoshke Dimen- "You’re My Boss
Carmi Raymundo, Vanessa Valdez and Cathy Garcia-Molina - “A Second Chance”
Maan Dimaculangan, John Christian Nicolas, Bianca Bernardino and Carmi Raymundo - “Crazy Beautiful You”
Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario and Mary Rose Colindres – “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Roy Sevilla Ho – “Silong”
Vanessa R. Valdez – “A Love Affair”

Best Cinematography

Anne Monzon - “A Love Affair”
Dan Villegas and Moises Lee - “Crazy Beautiful You”
Hermann Claravall - "You’re My Boss”
Noel Teehankee - "A Second Chance”
Pao Orendain - “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Rain Yamson - “Silong”

Best Editing   

Beng Bandong - “A Love Affair”
Carlo Francisco Manatad - "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Marya Ignacio - "A Second Chance”
Marya Ignacio - "Crazy Beautiful You”
Marya Ignacio - "You’re My Boss”
Sarah Roxas- “Silong”

Best Sound  

Addiss Tabong - "You’re My Boss"
Arnel Labayo - "Crazy Beautiful You”
Aurel Claro Bilbao and co. - “A Second Chance”
Aurel Claro Bilbao -”A Love Affair”
Jess Carlos - “Silong”
Lamberto Casas Jr.- "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”

Best in Musical Score

Cesar Francis Concio - "A Love Affair”
Cesar Francis Concio - "A Second Chance”
Emerzon Texon - "You’re My Boss”
Jesse Lucas - "Crazy Beautiful You”
Myke Solomon - “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Teresa Barrozo - "Silong”

Best Theme Song

“I’ll Never Go“ - Erik Santos from the movie “A Second Chance”
“Your Love“ - Arnel Pineda from the movie ““A Love Affair””
“Baby I Need Your Loving“ - Harana from the movie “You’re My Boss”
“Ikaw“ - Yeng Constantino from the movie “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
“Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" - Daniel Padilla and Morissette from the movie “Crazy Beautiful You”
“With Whom" - Kitchie Nadal from the movie “Silong”

Best Production Design    

Efren Vibar- “A Love Affair”
Gerry Borreros - “A Second Chance”
Gwyn Guanzon and Riza Romero - “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”
Roland Rebunecia - “Silong”
Shari Marie Montiague - “You’re My Boss”
Winston Acuyong- "Crazy Beautiful You”

Best Visual Effects    

Aileen Girlie Mercado - “A Second Chance”

OJ Desuasido - “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic"

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