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Consequences catch up to Baron Geisler after 'pissing' incident

After being axed from new film, will Baron face a lawsuit as well?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/29/2016 in News
Consequences catch up to Baron Geisler after 'pissing' incident

By Chandral Selim

Baron Geisler is once again in troubled waters.

After earning the ire of co-actor Ping Medina due to the "pissing" incident, Film Development Council of the Philippines chairwoman Liza Diño-Seguerra stated on her Facebook page that she fully intends to file a lawsuit against Baron for it.

She wrote, "You have gone way too far. Masyado ka ng maraming inagrabyado. At ang lakas ng loob mo because you always get away with it."

An actress herself, Liza continued, "We may not have guilds here who can really protect the welfare of our film workers but I will make sure this will never happen again to any actor. Legal action should be taken against YOU. I will make sure our council sees this through."

And it only gets worse from here.

Arlyn dela Cruz, director of "Bubog" where Baron and Ping co-star, announced also via Facebook today, November 29, that she has officially written out the former's character from the film's script.

The director alleged that Baron was "drunk and groggy with anti-depressant pills" during that particular shooting day, and had been treating the production staff unprofessionally prior to the incident with Ping.

Direk Arlyn believes Baron might have pulled the pissing act because he got supposedly upstaged by Ping and another "non-actor" during an important scene.

The director wrote, "He wanted to redeem himself in the next scene. The question on whether bida ba si Ping was, I believe, a factor. He wanted to stand out. There was a clear sense of someone who wants validation, applaud, and affirmation that he is good at his craft. It's human nature, but his was something that comes with a deeper sense of insecurity and I am not being a psychologist here now, in fact I am trying to understand where he came from when he pulled that act."

According to Direk Arlyn, Baron had told her that he would understand if she kicked him out of the movie.

Baron already released his two cents on the matter last night, November 28, also on Facebook, in which he maintained that he has sought his director's blessing prior to doing the controversial scene.

The actor followed it up with another post, writing, "Hindi ako naapektohan sa paninira. Picture ni Ping with da p***u sign?? So low. Lalo na sa mga naniniwala agad. Inspect...know the truth."

He continued, "Wag mag-judge agad. Plastic na industria. Tara!!! Lawyer up guys!!!"

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