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Gretchen claps back at basher

This fierce response by La Greta should make haters think twice!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/28/2016 in News
Gretchen claps back at basher

By Marty Hsu

Live and let live. This is what haters should really keep in mind before fierce women like Gretchen Barretto teaches it to you the hard way!
Yesterday, November 27, a certain netizen under the username @cestmoi_encore left a comment on one of Gretchen’s Instagram posts that caught the actress’ attention so she decided give her a good slaying.
“Darling, you'll be surprised with what I can show, what you see is merely a fraction of what there is ... relax & Bask in my posts, it's what you'll never have,” she replied and ended her comment with a kiss mark emoji.
It is unclear what irked Gretchen since the netizen has deleted her comment, but others lauded her response, saying that the basher should have just left La Greta alone.
Gretchen has been living a quiet life, quite away from the limelight, and it seems that she makes use of her free time by travelling around the world and attending business meetings as seen on her other Instagram posts.

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