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Hard-to-take love lessons from Ruffa Gutierrez

Beauty queen-actress shares 6 things anyone who's ever been in love should remember!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/23/2016 in News
Hard-to-take love lessons from Ruffa Gutierrez

By Marty Hsu

Ruffa Gutierrez has been involved in some messy breakups and she’s not afraid to admit it. This world would expect someone who’s made the wrong decisions and failed several times would feel traumatized, but Ruffa doesn’t think so.
She chose to see the silver lining in all her past romances and takes everything she’s learned with her as she continues on believing in the big L.O.V.E.
Ruffa proved that in her interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” yesterday, November 22, where she talked about her past and present relationships while sharing a couple of lessons that everyone who’s ever given or received love should ponder on.
1. Mothers know best!
“My mom (Annabelle Rama) always said na, ‘Kailangan pakinggan mo 'ko.’ Mommies are always right. And now that I have my two daughters, I believe that, you know? Maybe my mom took it three notches further, pero naniniwala ako, basta nanay you just want the best for your children. It might be a little overprotective but I know their intention is just for the best. So ‘yun ang isang totoo.”
2. Just let love happen, you wouldn’t be able to control it anyway.
“There are times na medyo bobo ako, there are times na medyo matalino ako. But in love naman, they say love is blind right? So it depends on the situation and the year, and the moment and the person.”
3. Love is a lesson that can’t be taught, it’s something you need to experience yourself.
"‘Yung mga lessons na natutunan ko I think what’s important is you go through the experience because only you yourself can learn from it. If my mom keeps telling me, ‘Uy ‘wag mong gawin ‘yan! Mali 'yung ginagawa mo,’ kailangan talaga ma-experience mo eh. ‘Pag ‘di mo na-experience, ‘di mo masasabing I’ve been through it and everything that I’ve been through made me the person that I am today.”

4. When all else fails, acceptance is the key to survive.
“Sa tingin ko may mga taong dumating sa buhay ko na nandiyan lang sila, nagpaligaya sa akin for the moment pero hindi talaga sila 'yung para sa’yo. And I believe timing is everything. Sometimes it’s the right love, but it’s the wrong time.”
5. It’s okay to give love a pass if it means giving yourself some room to grow.
“In the other relationships naman, it’s either you’re too young, your career’s thriving, and I always---I’m the type of person that I choose career over love. Kasi kung ‘di ka pa naman ready magpakasal, what’s the point ‘di ba? Ipu-push mo, ipu-push mo, sayang naman 'yung mga opportunities. So I’ve been career-driven and oriented.”
6. If you can’t be happy when you’re single, you won’t be happy with someone else.
“It takes two to tango, kasi kung masyado kang mapagbigay... hindi na ikaw ‘yun eh. Kailangan mahalin mo muna ‘yung sarili mo bago ka makapagmahal ng ibang tao.”
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