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BB Gandanghari, pinagpahinga na si Rustom Padilla

BB bids farewell to her ‘soulmate’

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/20/2016 in News
BB Gandanghari, pinagpahinga na si Rustom Padilla

After being granted of her petition in the United States to be legally a female, BB Gandanghari shared her delight over her new status and said goodbye to her “former self.”

BB shared a side by side photo of herself on the right and on the left an old photo of Rustom Padilla, her former identity before coming out as transgender.

On the post made last Saturday, November 19, she wrote:

“On November 16, 2016, the superior court of Orange County has decreed, set in stone if I may say so, that BINIBINI GANDANGHARI, a resident of the United States of America is LEGALLY and OFFICIALLY Female. Praise be to my GOD whose guidance I have sought and still seeking as I go thru my transition. GOODBYE RUSTOM, my former self and my soulmate. You may rest now. And HELLO BB. Welcome to the world! May my GOD bless this soul... life! Cheers!!!”



BB introduced herself to the world in 2009. She, as Rustom then, was a housemate on the very first Celebrity Edition of “Pinoy Big Brother” three years before.


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