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BB Gandanghari welcomes new ‘change’ in her life

BB Gandanghari is legally a binibini

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

11/18/2016 in News
BB Gandanghari welcomes new ‘change’ in her life

For herself and the people close to her, BB Gandanghari has already transformed into a woman. Now, the society and the government have finally embraced that too.
On her Instagram page, BB shared her journey to legally changing her gender to female and her name from Rustom Padilla to what she is recognized as now, BB Gandanghari.
“CHANGE is coming... Big time!!!” she said on a post last August 20, with a snapshot of her petition form to what she calls a “#basichumanright.”


A photo posted by gandangharibb (@gandangharibb) on



A photo posted by gandangharibb (@gandangharibb) on

Yesterday, November 18, BB proudly announced that her petition was granted by the US government and expressed her gratitude to them.
“This is it! And I thought this day would never come. And I thank my GOD and my LORD for making these things happen. Everything makes sense now... and to this great country the United States of America for providing this #basicrhumanright... Thank you!!! 🙏👏💁 #officiallyBBlegallyGandanghari,” she said.


A photo posted by gandangharibb (@gandangharibb) on

BB, as Rustom then, came out to the public when he was a housemate on the very first Celebrity Edition of “Pinoy Big Brother” way back in 2006. Three years after, BB introduced herself to world.

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