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The best of the best in Kimerald's cinematic history (Part 4)

The ultimate Kimerald fan's definitive guide to the 2010 flick "Paano Na Kaya."

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

11/16/2016 in News
The best of the best in Kimerald's cinematic history (Part 4)

The whole best friend-turned-lover story has two possible endings, like most things do. Sometimes, it ends in happiness, and sometimes it ends in tears. The 2010 Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson movie "Paano Na Kaya" ended in both.

Yup, you guessed it. In the fourth part of this series, we tackle Kimerald's penultimate movie as a love team "Paano Na Kaya," where they play best friends named Bogs and Mae who fall in love under, let's just say...complicated circumstances.

"Paano Na Kaya" is probably one of Kim and Gerald's most popular movies, and for good reason. Masakit. That's the one word to describe this movie. Sobrang sakit talaga. In this particular feature, we decided that it would be best to focus on this, really hone in on the pit of despair scenes that made hearts hurt and eyes tear up. That is after all, what made this film so remarkable—it made us really feel.

Let's get off to a good start by getting up close and personal with this scene:

Hay, this scene. Here, we see Bogs losing his mind over his breakup with Anna (Melissa Ricks). This is understandably hard for anyone to see, so Kim's character, Mae, tries to give him some tough love.

Problema lang, mej wala sa isip si Bogs. So of course, he doesn't react well and begins saying horrible things to his best friend. Based on Bogs' face right after though, he doesn't feel particularly great about anything he just said.


Bogs' painful words, though rather heartbreaking, prompted something even more miserable. It made Mae confess.


And it all ended with a kiss.

This kiss is particularly bittersweet. Gusto mong kiligin, gusto mong humiyaw but on the other hand...it's a "false" kiss, because Bogs' character does not display any sort of romantic interest in Mae prior to this. He loved her, but he loved her as a best friend.

So why the kiss? Can we chalk it up to "dormant" love?

This next scene will answer that.

The inevitable happened. Bogs and Mae got invested themselves into a romantic relationship. They swapped calling each other by their last names to calling each other "Babe." This worked out nice and sweet for a hot minute, but then Anna resurfaced and made things complicated yet again.

Anna's presence revealed the weak spots of Bogs and Mae's relationship. It intensified Mae's insecurity (borne out of her always feeling like she's second best, in her romantic and familial relationships) and it made Bogs' feelings for Mae waver.

This next scene, a confrontation between Bogs and Mae, addressed this. Note that this happened after Mae saw Bogs kissing Anna.

Mae doubting Bogs' affection is valid. If you see your significant other kissing someone else, would you still be confident of their love? And seeing it after some sort of questionable behavior? Gets na gets natin si Mae diyan.

Like we said earlier, this scene will answer questions brought up in the former scene.

Transitioning to romance from a platonic relationship is hard, because the care has always been there, but how about the romance, and how do you define your feelings?

Bogs never wants to see Mae hurt, because she's his best friend. We never want to hurt our best friend, and that is what she was to him. We never see Bogs really put his heart on his sleeve for Mae in this movie, because he hasn't stepped out of the best friend bubble yet.
Our theory is, Bogs found it hard to get over Anna and fall in love with Mae at the same time, which is why he decided to do neither. If our theory is even half true, it makes this movie's ending so, so, so effective.

Bogs and Mae needed to be apart for a little bit, in order to be together.

Phew, that was a rough ride, huh? Well, we can't very well end it here, though. Because who can forget this?


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