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The best of the best in Kimerald's cinematic history (Part 3)

The ultimate guide to Kimerald's 2007 film, "I've Fallen For You."

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

11/14/2016 in News
The best of the best in Kimerald's cinematic history (Part 3)

If you're a hardcore Kimerald fan, you look back to 2007 with a great deal of nostalgia. 2007 was the time to be alive! Headbands were in, and so were bermuda shorts, and love was in the air for Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.

If you're familiar with this series by now, you know that this five-part feature aims to get into the heart of Kimerald films and attempts to find the "It factor" that made Kimerald as a love team so freaking iconic.

In the first part, we discussed Kimerald's movie debut, "First Day High".

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In the second part, we tackled their heartbreaking last major film as a love team, "Till My Heartaches End".

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And now we come to the third part where we will examine "I've Fallen For You" which was the first film Kim and Gerald had to carry as a love team, and the first time they fell in love while on bikes!

Re-watching this film will be the perfect pre-game for their new teleserye, "Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin" where they will play triathletes.

For the purpose of this article, we will address Kim's character as Alex 1, and Gerald's character Alex 2. Para hindi confusing 'di ba?!

The Alexes were brought together by fate, or in this case, the most notoriously difficult college entrance test. We don't particularly associate UPCAT results with meeting the love of our lives, but this movie tried to pull it off, and it did.

Seeing how they shared a name, Alex 1 mistakenly thought that it was her who had passed the UPCAT, but it turned out that that privilege was Alex 2's.

CONTEXT: With her family struggling with money, Alex 1 forms an unlikely team with Alex 2 in order to compete and win in a biking competition which will help finance her first year in college.

Ready? Let's get into it!

"I've Fallen For You" is ultimately a movie about the highs and lows of young love, and as such it doesn't scrimp on the love montage scenes. This film serves up the very best of kilig-tastic Kimerald scenes such as this karinderya scene:

And then there is this scene where we see Kim and Gerald being all playful in a hot spring:

There was also this great costume party scene where the Alexes dressed up in a very telling fashion. I mean, nothing screams eternal, unconditional love like dressing up as Sakura and Sasuke for a costume party. Hindi pa nila pinagplanuhan! #Destiny

Of course, let's not forget this scene, where Alex 2 literally got on his knees to ask for forgiveness from Alex 1.

And when he got it...he tried to sneak a kiss in! Kalerks!

And this scene when he said "I love you" for the first time after trying to sneak his way out of DTR-ing (defining the relationship...ing)?


However, despite all that kilig, this movie has two key scenes which really, really show Kimerald's magic as a love team.

First, we tackle their "main" lover's quarrel. In this movie, Gerald's character is very young and full of angst. As such, he is prone to quite immature behavior which hurts the other Alex. Despite all this though, she forgives him. This fight, on the other hand, was one of the first mature things he has ever done.

The couple faced an inevitable part of maturity in this scene, because with growing up comes hard choices and hard choices lead to...


In this scene, Alex 2 tries to tell Alex 1 that he will be leaving the country to give his mother, Tessa (beautifully portrayed by the wonderful Chin Chin Gutierrez), who had previously been absent in his life, another chance to be his mother.

Alex 1 does not take this well.

The next scene is the movie's ending scene, where we experience Kimerald's first on-screen kiss!

After the cycling competition (which, by the way, they didn't win but emerged a close second!), the Alexes meet at a beautiful mountain top (wearing matching pink shirts, for some reason) and had something most of us wish our young romances had: closure.


They decide, of course, to stay together and try to work out a long-distance relationship and because this is a movie, we can hold out hope that they stayed together and had their happily ever after.


"I've Fallen For You" told the love story of two teenagers both named Alex with great care. You can tell, from the script, to the acting, and even down to the wardrobe choices that this project was trying to get a particular message across, and that is:

Love won't conquer all, but by God's grace, it will try.

Gerald was magic in this film, bringing to life the boyish charm of Alex 2, making him relatable and infuriatingly forgivable, like most teenage boys are.

Meanwhile, Kim once again showed us how seamlessly she can transform into characters, playing Alex 1 with all the fragility and complexity of teenage girls. Kim gave Alex 1 a character who is young and quite innocent, an inner fire that you simply cannot look away from.

What a film!

Watch out for the last two parts of this series, where we will tackle Kimerald's penultimate movie, "Paano Na Kaya?" and their 2012 reunion project, "24/7 in Love."

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