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Lea Salonga pours her heart out

Read Lea's beautiful message amidst 'uncertainties!'

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/13/2016 in News
Lea Salonga pours her heart out


By Chandral Selim

"Should I be afraid? No."

Lea Salonga wrote heartfelt words of encouragement to women and people of color amidst the threat of racism, and sexism in the United States upon the election of Donald Trump.

She wrote on her Facebook yesterday, November 12, "I am a woman. I am a person of color. My husband and daughter are also persons of color, never mind that they have US Passports and speak perfect English."

"It's possible that my daughter will be harassed, just because she is Asian, and a girl. Because it's possible that I will be harassed, just because I am Asian, and a woman. Never mind what I've been able to achieve. Never mind the reviews, accolades and notices. Never mind any of that. In a racist America, all people will see is my skin, my race and my gender. And for that I am actually afraid."

She continued, "Afraid to step into a country that supposedly offered the promise that hard work will get you places. "Give me your tired, your poor," says Lady Liberty. That once gave me hope. America doesn't look like that country anymore.
I am afraid."

However, Lea eased her fears with faith. "I have concerts scheduled for next year in America. I have fans that are of all different races. Should I be afraid? No. I will sing. I will travel to wherever I have been invited, and I will sing. God placed me on this earth to share my voice."

"It is my way of finding peace. It is my way of seeing the light. It is what I was born to do. And until my last breath, because it is as God commands. I will sing. Even when afraid. Then hopefully, I will not be afraid anymore."
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