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JC Santos as ‘Ali’ ends gay shaming with positive message

This is the perfect response for the next time someone tells you, “Sayang ka naman”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/11/2016 in News
JC Santos as ‘Ali’ ends gay shaming with positive message

By Marty Hsu

Primetime teleserye “Till I Met You” continues to push for progression with the way LGBTQ community is depicted in Philippine TV by showing the struggles every gay man encounters in the character of Ali played by JC Santos.

On last night’s (November 10) episode, Ali and his new pal Stephen (portrayed by new Kapamilya Enzo Pineda) was approached by two female dancers hired by their fathers, but they had to admit that they are both gay so they would leave them alone.  

The two women then cried out what they just learned and told Ali and Stephen, “Bading daw sila! Ano ba ‘yan, sayang!”

Stephen then started cowering at his seat, clearly embarrassed, and so Ali felt the need to stand up for the both of them. In the best possible way, Ali schooled their shamers why there was nothing “sayang” about him and Stephen or even anyone for simply being who they are.

He said:

“Sayang? Bakit sayang? Sayang kasi ‘di namin kayo papatulan? Ate, sana naman ‘wag niyo pagtawanan 'yung pagiging bakla namin, kasi tulad ng pagrespeto namin sa trabaho ninyo, sana matuto din kayo rumespeto sa choices ng ibang tao.

“Alam ko naman na kung may trabaho kayong alam gawin, ‘yun ang pipiliin ninyo. Dahil nga sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, kailangan niyo buhayin 'yung pamilya niyo, dito kayo napadpad. Kasi nga no choice, kasi kailangan.

“Gusto niyo ba marinig galing sa amin na, ‘Ate, ang ganda mo pa naman. Sayang nandito ka lang. Ate, sana matutunan nating respetuhin 'yung sarili natin. Para naman lumawak 'yung tingin natin sa mundo.”

Arm in arm with the two ladies who they ended up befriending, Ali and Stephen rejoined their fathers like nothing happened.

In early episodes of the series, Ali started developing a crush on his friend Basti (James Reid), who was falling for Iris (Nadine Lustre), forcing him to come out of the closet to confront his feelings. Then he had to face his retired army general dad (Robert Sena), who had always pushed Ali to be a tough manly man and you can only imagine how hard that must have been.

Moral of the story: No one ever has the right to shame anyone just because his or her choices in life is different from what the society tells you to think because chances are, you will be walking in the same shoes, if you do. This time for something that you chose to be.

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