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Andi answers ‘Where do broken hearts go’

Andi shares reflections following controversy with former flame Jake

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

10/6/2016 in News
Andi answers ‘Where do broken hearts go’

The past two weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions for Andi Eigenmann. Her half-sister Max has said that her daughter’s real father is Jake Ejercito and not Albie Casino, as most people believed.

This earned a lot of backlash towards Andi, but was defended by her “The Greatest Love” co-stars Dimples Romana and Sylvia Sanchez.

Today, October 6, however, Andi posted on her blog her introspection on where you can go when you get your heart broken.

She suggested Bantayan Island in Cebu, where you can relax and meditate without any distractions.

She wrote, “Trust that after going on an adventure in a place like this... you will find that there is someone else more deserving of that love you are capable of giving– Yourself.”

She added, “There is no point wasting your life sitting and hoping that maybe he or she would come back to enjoy this life with you because there is no time to lose. Who knows, maybe the right person is already waiting for you on your next adventure.”

She also updated her Instagram, where she wrote, “I, just like any other human, will determine my own story, not anybody else.”

“What this last obstacle has taught me is that you can't touch women who can wear pain like diamonds around her neck.”





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Read Andi’s blog post here (https://andieigengirl.net/2016/10/06/where-broken-hearts-go-bantayan-island-cebu/).

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