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Angel’s top 5 ‘SLAY QUEEN’ moments
Keep slaying, Angel!
Regina Tabora
by Regina Tabora
10/5/2016 in News
Angel’s top 5 ‘SLAY QUEEN’ moments
Angel Locsin is without question one of the sexiest and most beautiful people in showbiz. 

Inspired by this fact, we compiled her top five most “SLAY QUEEN!!!!!”-inducing moments.

Go forth and say slay, Angel!

Working the wet look and a slinky red dress for a photoshoot.

You won’t be able to look away from this photo! Angel’s sultry eyes, sexy dress and even the flower she’s holding just give off maximum slay vibes.

2. Pulling off a purple satin cut-out dress for the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.

The color purple can lean a bit towards the tita or lola side, but Angel proved she’s neither by completely nailing this look!

3. Looking sexy yet classy in the “One More Try” photoshoot.

Angel combined her bouncy hair, lacy corset, and skin-tight corset to make everyone’s jaw drop with amazement.

4. Slaying the choker and cutout trend.

Angel combined two trends at the same time and looked absolutely gorgeous!

5. Taking the perfect selfie.

More than slaying the selfie game, Angel looked both sexy and cute at the same time. SLAY QUEEN!!!!!

(Originally posted October 5, 2016)

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