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Denise Laurel and Sol Mercado call it quits

Denise says she and Sol "have been friends trying for a while"

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/20/2016 in News
Denise Laurel and Sol Mercado call it quits

By Chandral Selim

Denise Laurel and her fiance Sol Mercado have gone on separate ways.

Denise first announced the breakup in now deleted Instagram posts. According to PEP, the posts went, "From now on Sol and I are just friends. I am happy for him and I have learned so much from him! We both tried our best."

After deleting the said statements, Denise followed them up with another Instagram post where she expressed her deepest apologies for coming off as if she is implicating the PBA player negatively.

In the caption she wrote, "I just want to sincerely apologize for not thinking clearly.. my intentions were not in a rotten place.."

The actress claimed that the breakup was not due to any wrongdoing from Sol's part, and that they have been "trying for a long time" to save their relationship.

Sol and Denise got engaged in October 2013 and were supposed to be married this year, but announced that they were postponing their wedding in May.

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