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How Paul's love for Toni changed after childbirth

Paul: "I see Toni in a different light now."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/17/2016 in News
How Paul's love for Toni changed after childbirth

By Chandral Selim

Ultimate Multimedia star Toni Gonzaga gave birth to a handsome baby boy, Severiano Elliot Soriano, on the morning of September 30. Since then, their little family has given much joy to us all.

Continuing this cycle of spreading love, new dad Direk Paul Soriano spoke to Inquirer today, October 17, about how fatherhood has changed him, and how his perception of Toni dramatically changed (for the better!) after he witnessed how she brought Baby Seve into the world.

Direk Paul, ever the supportive husband, joined his wife all throughout the labor process.

He said, "I wanted to experience the moment with her. She went through 37 hours of labor…three hours of pushing. But it was a successful, normal delivery, which we prayed for."

Paul and Toni were married last year in a beautiful June wedding in her hometown, Taytay, Rizal. The couple dated for an impressive eight years before they decided to put a ring on it.

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"I see Toni in a different light now," the director said.

"She has always been a determined and passionate woman. But I saw how physically, emotionally and mentally strong she was," he continued.

Direk Paul, who celebrates his 35th birthday today, even said that Baby Seve is the "best birthday gift ever"!

"I told Toni she doesn’t have to buy me anything this year. Actually, I am good for the next 10 birthdays," he joked.

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