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Tricia on Gab 'He knows he was in the wrong'

Gab and Tricia heading for divorce?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/14/2016 in News
Tricia on Gab 'He knows he was in the wrong'

By Netchai Moldes

Tricia Centenera revealed at a fashion show last October 12 that her estranged husband Gab Valenciano has finally confessed.

"He has confessed and he agrees that he went about it in a really bad way," she said in an interview posted on PEP.

The model/host/blogger shared that they needed to talk to settle their properties.

"It's difficult," said the Fil-Spanish model.

"He knows that he was in the wrong. So he is doing what he can do to help me as a friend, but make up for what he actually did. It’s very noble of him," she shared.

Tricia admitted that she is trying her best to be in good terms with her estranged husband.

"People make mistakes and I’m a firm believer in giving people a second chance. Gab got quite a few [second chances]. And at the end of the day, he just didn’t want to be in a marriage," she confessed.

"So it’s like, okay, if you didn’t want to be in a marriage, there are other ways that you could have gone about it instead of doing what he did. But he’s making up for it now," she added.

She also stressed that "I don’t hate him."

"As I said, people make mistakes. It’s just [that] I have zero tolerance for cheating. That’s all," she said, adding that "He did say sorry."

"The girl’s parents, who he cheated with, they apologized to me as well," she added.

Tricia is apparently ready if Gab files for divorce.

"I said to him, ‘You wanted this. If that’s what you want, you need to go and file those papers,'" she shared.

Tricia clarified though that there are no papers filed for their separation yet.

"We just kind of getting over all the shock."

Tricia also shared that they were actually married in the States. They just had wedding celebrations in the Philippines.

"There’s no legal documents of us being married here, so we got married in America," she explained. "Which kind of makes it tricky because to file for divorce, we need to be there, or one of us need to be there."

The former couple would have celebrated their second wedding anniversary yesterday, October 13.
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