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The people who inspired baby Seve Soriano’s name

Paul: “Toni trusted me with that.”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/1/2016 in News
The people who inspired baby Seve Soriano’s name

By Regina Tabora

After a first glimpse of baby Severiano Elliott Soriano, Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano’s first baby, didn’t you wonder how the proud parents thought of his name?

In an interview with TV Patrol, Paul related that Toni trusted him with naming their son.

“I chose the name Severiano because my favorite golfer is Severiano Ballesteros, a Spanish golfer,” he shared. “Then Elliot is from 'E.T.', from the lead character in 'E.T.' My favorite movie. The reason why I like films.”

Baby Seve was born yesterday, September 30, through a normal delivery.

“Toni wanted a normal delivery and she fought for it,” Paul shared. “38 hours of labor and about almost three hours of pushing. There were even times there she was kind of passing out na.”

He added, “When she’s fully dilated already, the head was coming out. The last few pushes was really tougher.”

Toni is still recovering from the long labor, and she and baby Seve will be going home tomorrow, October 2.
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