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Carmina Villaroel writes birthday love letters to her 'super twins'

Carmina says Cassy and Mavy will forever be her babies.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/7/2016 in News
Carmina Villaroel writes birthday love letters to her 'super twins'

Carmina Villaroel couldn’t ask for more when it comes to her twin children, Mavy and Cassy, who turned 15 yesterday, January 6.
She expressed how much she loves them and how proud she is of the person they’ve become on Instagram (@mina_villaroel), in which she posted cute throwback photos of the two.
Each photo collage came with heartfelt messages highlighting Mavy and Cassy’s best qualities.
For Cassy, the “Doble Kara” actress wrote:
“Cassy dear, my Chuchay, my forever baby girl, my mini me, my shopping and gym buddy- you are the perfect daughter for us. You are fun loving, happy, vibrant and free spirited girl. You have the making of a future diplomat since you are often the peace maker and the mediator in the family. I like it when you get crazy. You'll just laugh all of a sudden and would ask me, mama why am I laughing? Hahaha. You're funny. 😄 because of you I feel like a child again. We have our own routine every night before we sleep, when we hug, we would tap each other's butt and my fav- kith kith love love Arf Arf woof woof! ❤️ thank you for being so sweet and kind hearted. I love you to infinity and beyond. Happy Birthday my precious little one. 🎂 #cassymavy15thbirthday #legaspitwins #supertwins.”
As for Mavy, Carmina enthused:
“Mavy you are the perfect son for us. I certainly believe that chivalry still exists because I see it in you. You would always open doors for me, help me carry my stuff, you would always take the lead when we are crossing the street and when I'm coughing, you would always massage my back just like what I do to you when you're sick. I will always remember the day when you said to me ‘mama when you grow old, I'll help you go up and down the stairs. Carry you if I have to’. You were only 9 then. It made me cry. Thank you Mavy for being so caring and thoughtful. Happy Birthday my Pooh bear. 🎂 I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be. 😘❤️ #cassymavy15thbirthday #legaspitwins #supertwins.”
Carmina, her husband Zoren Legaspi, and the twins celebrated their special day through an intimate dinner.

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