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Ex-'Pinoy Big Brother' housemate Wendy Valdez suffers miscarriage

Wendy Valdez stays strong despite this challenging time in her life.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/20/2016 in News
Ex-'Pinoy Big Brother' housemate Wendy Valdez suffers miscarriage

Former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate and actress Wendy Valdez has suffered miscarriage with who could've been her first child with husband Normann Garcia.

In an Instagram post (@iamwendyvaldez_garcia) today, January 20, Wendy said, "I am not pregnant na."

Here's her full statement:

"A week ago,I had spotting for two days that I had to rest for a week and take meds to protect the baby. In that moment I asked God, 'Lord if ever there would have a chance that I would lose this baby, how would my faith seem, since I announced it to everyone and claimed your promises?.' In my heart, God told me that such incident would show how His grace works for His people. That in this life there is suffering, wether (sic) you are a Christian or not. But the difference is how a person handles suffering when he has Christ in his life. Because with Christ, you become an overcomer by believing in His promises. That He is sovereign and in control. He knows this before it would happen. His plans are perfect for me and my family. And that 'All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.' Today the doctor said that I have a blighted ovum. The egg did not develop to an embryo. He said its only a one time occurence (sic) in a woman and would not happen again. I felt sad... My dreams and visions changed. And then I told myself. 'GOD IS IN CONTROL' HE is faithful and His plans are great for me and my family... In just a few moments I have accepted it and thought of plans for me and my husband this Valentines season coming along. We would have each other to have fun and enjoy each other just the two of us. And when my body is ready, we can try again.

"For me, it worked for the good because I have experienced a week where my husband took care of me selflessly and I really felt loved by him. He would remind me to take my meds. I would see that we can be selfless because we are afraid that we might lose the baby if we choose to be angry and entertain pride when we fight. We saw that selflessness is possible and we can aim for that even with or without the fear of miscarrying because of stress.
"Great lessons learned. Hearts revealed. Relationship tested and our bond became even stronger. Sacrifices seen. A glimpse of selfless love. All because of what had happened. And the rest, we leave to God. After all, life is not about my happiness, its about God's name being glorified."

Wendy announced her pregnancy also on Instagram last December 29.

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