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Cathy Garcia-Molina breaks her silence on viral ‘open letter’

"I never intended to hurt anyone." - Direk Cathy Garcia- Molina

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/16/2016 in News
Cathy Garcia-Molina breaks her silence on viral ‘open letter’

In an exclusive interview with Boy Abunda, film and TV director Cathy Garcia-Molina finally spoke up about the open letter Rossellyn Domingo and Alvin Campomanes posted on social media regarding their experience on the set of the teleserye Forevermore.

Meanwhile, “Forevermore’s” business unit head Des Tanwangco also released an official statement. It states:

ABS-CBN acknowledged and responded immediately to Mr. Alvin Campomanes when he wrote to us in October 2014, and directly coordinated with MTQ Promotions and Talent Management, the agency that engaged his services for the project, regarding the complaint.

MTQ owner Mary Ann Trumata-Rejano then met with Mr. Campomanes and Ms. Rossellyn Domingo two days after he e-mailed us. Subsequently, we and Ms. Rejano agreed to arrange a meeting between Mr. Campomanes and director Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Ms. Rejano told us that there was no need for a meeting as she had already talked to Mr. Campomanes and Ms. Domingo and had settled the issue with them, so we did not inform Direk Cathy of the complaint and the supposed meeting.

Believing that the issue had been settled, Ms. Rejano kept in touch with Ms. Domingo, who even inquired about other “rackets” from December 2014 until January 2015 without bringing up Mr. Campomanes’ complaint. We also did not get any follow-ups, contrary to Ms. Domingo’s claims.

When Ms Domingo posted an open letter on her Facebook last 30 December 2015, we were surprised to learn that the issue had not been resolved, contrary to what Ms. Rejano told us. We wish to point out that there was misrepresentation on the part of the talent agency when they failed to disclose to the production team that Mr. Campomanes was not a professional actor as we had required. At present, we are in communication with Mr Campomanes and both parties have agreed to meet to resolve the matter.”  

Source: https://push.abs-cbn.com/features/53592/cathy-garcia-molina-breaks-her-silence-on-viral-open-letter/

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