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Derek Ramsay shares why ‘Ex With Benefits’ is more daring than ‘No Other Woman’

Derek Ramsay on intimate scenes with Coleen Garcia: “Kissing somebody younger is a lot harder.”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/5/2015 in News
Derek Ramsay shares why ‘Ex With Benefits’ is more daring than ‘No Other Woman’

In his current project with Star Cinema, Derek Ramsay hopes fans will see Ex With Benefits as more than just a show of flesh. “It's actually a very emotional movie more than the sexy stuff. Yes it's daring, but it's not what the movie is about. People are going to relate to the emotions that all the characters go through more than appreciating the movie because of the skin that they are going to see,” he said.

Derek plays a successful doctor who still hasn't moved on from his college sweetheart. “Simple lang kasi yung character ko, we're do different in so many ways and we're so similar in one way which helped me portray the character which is hindi siya gumi-give up sa pagibig. Alam niyo na yan (laughs). Pag nagmahal siya binubuhos niya lahat and he gives everything. Makikita niyo sa pelikulang ito how Adam loves Arki, how he holds on to that love and then it all comes back to him in ten years time and he doesn't know what to do except fight for that love. Ganun din sa totoong buhay, ipaglalaban ko pero pag wala na wala na, pero hanggang meron pang konting pag-asa laban,” he explained.

Being paired with two of the Kapamilya networks sexiest actresses Coleen Garcia and Meg Imperial is also a big honor for Derek. “It is every man's pride and dream to have a bed scene with Meg but the situation, the scene is every man's nightmare. They're both beautiful women, both very attractive and very sexy. I can't compare the two of them. The two of them are eye candy so I can't really compare,” he said.

Despite the many intimate scenes in the film, Derek said he owes it to his co-stars not to get carried away. “Most definitely kailangan kasi kapag merong nangyari sa isang body part diyan, ayoko kasi may plaster masakit siya eh (laughs). I think you have to respect them and if something happens downstairs I think you're disrespecting the person you're doing the scene with kasi that means you’re not acting anymore. So you have to be professional. You have to shut down who you are, whatever you find physically attractive in that person and that makes things easier but you have to shut that down so that ‘yung partner mo doesn't feel uncomfortable,” he added.

Derek admitted his age difference with Coleen was a challenge in the film. “Maraming factors, one is nga her age, how we were going to make it work, number two is Billy's (Crawford, Coleen’s boyfriend) one of my closest friends in the industry and there are a lot of factors pero ang nakatulong talaga sa amin is how professional she is and our director who made us feel comfortable. She trusted me. Nire-respeto ko siya. Kissing somebody younger is a lot harder especially for her kasi it's also her first time to do something like this on the big screen so I really had to put more effort kapag hindi kami nag-te-take. Yung mga breaks in between, I really talk to her, make her feel comfortable para pag ginawa namin yung eksena may tiwala siya sa akin,” he shared.

There were actually no jealousy issues between Derek and Coleen's boyfriend. “Billy said the nicest thing to me. Before I did this movie, Billy was my friend and after we shot this movie, Billy is still my friend (laughs). I have another friend, Coleen. But Billy said the nicest thing to me, 'You know what Derek this movie it's tough for me to accept it, to watch it. You know I'm just very happy that you are the partner of Coleen in this movie.' But he's very supportive of his girlfriend Coleen,” he said.

Being able to overcome their initial awkwardness helped make their intimate scenes easier to do. “May sex scenes na lasing kami, scenes where we just saw each other, scenesna fantasy, scenes na nandun na, nilabas na lahat ng emotions and we're just so comfortable with each other. Nagkaroon ng eksena na binuhos na nila lahat ng gusto nilang masabi and then followed by another bed scene. So that is totally different from the seeing each other, the physical attraction ends up in the bed and on the wall (laughs),” he admitted.
Derek said Coleen impressed him with her dedication to the craft. “Parang hindi ng niya first time na gumawa ng mabigat na eksena nun. I was expecting na medyo she'll pull back. When we were going to do our first one, may pa-lifting lifting scenes pa. Sabi ko, 'Coleen itodo na natin ito para one take lang.' but in my head I was thinking, 'Naku baka mag-back out ito.' Kasi medyo rough yung una eh. So that was the hardest one and binubuhat buhat ko siya. Ang liit liit kasi niya. Hindi siya umaatras so I thought wow she's such a professional and it came to a point na after every time we do scenes like that nandun na kami nag-kuwe-kuwentuhan na talking about the next scene, talking about food, talking about chocolates, talking about direk. We just became so comfortable with each other that when we came to the more emotional love scenes, it was just easy,” he recalled.

When asked which of his films are the most daring, Derek admits that Ex With Benefits has surpassed his blockbuster No Other Woman in that department. “This one. Kasi ibanglevel ito eh meron kaming bed scene nung bata ako, bed scenes na lasing kami, may bed scene kami na we're making love. Ang dami. We have a few bed scenes then we have a scene na pader lang yung ginagamit namin na kahit na wala ng hubaran ang sexy at intense pa din. Talagang sobra.  I didn't expect na sa alleyway,  adumi, may mga daga yata dun, ipis, and I was like, 'Okay, this is different. This is new.' And sabi ni direk ito yung gusto niya mangyari. And that's the scene na talagang nag-register sa akin. Ang makikita niyo lang sa pelikula flashes yan ah. Pero for me that was my favorite scene in the movie. No Other Woman was legendary, that movie was amazing. I had a love scene with Meg once but with Coleen the entire movie (laughs). Ang ganda talaga ng love scenes namin dito. It's hard to compare. I don't want to compare. Mas malalim yung pinanggalingan ng characters namin,” he said.

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