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Liza, Enrique spark their first magazine cover together

Enrique Gil reveals 'big confession' to Liza Soberano!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/30/2015 in News
Liza, Enrique spark their first magazine cover together

The October issue of Star Studio magazine offers extra spark and kilig to its readers by fronting breakout love team Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, also known as LizQuen.

In the front cover of the magazine plastered the big bold text  of 'Enrique's big confession' to Liza.

"I'm in love with Liza," the magazine screams for Enrique's big revelation.

What a better way to shout to the world and express your feelings to someone than to say it through a magazine's front page, right?

On a separate post, the magazine made another giveaway by posting a snippet of Liza's reaction to Quen's confession.

"I was happy kasi akala ko biro-biro lang, pero him telling me that I'm the only girl that he said that about in interviews, it made me feel special," says Liza. 

Catch more kilig vibes from LizQuen's upcoming movie, "Everyday I Love You."

Liza plays the role of Audrey, a romantic, old soul, the type of person who’s very patient, and who believes that forever is possible.

As for her leading men, Enrique plays the role of Ethan, an achievement-oriented young man from Manila; while Gerald plays the role of Tristan a laid-back haciendero from Bacolod.

"Everyday I Love You" is directed by blockbuster filmmaker Mae Cruz-Alviar. The movie is expected to hit cinemas in a few weeks.

Watch out for more GeLizQuen's "Everyday I Love You" updates!

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