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#TRENDINGSENSATION: Sino ang pinaka-bet mong celebrity online sensation?

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Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/3/2015 in News
#TRENDINGSENSATION: Sino ang pinaka-bet mong celebrity online sensation?

Don't you just love it when celebrities expose their usual wacky selves off-cam? Whether it's their comical Dubsmash videos or outrageous selfies, most of them have gone viral probably because netizens love celebrities even more when they see that they are just normal people having fun.

This 2015, Starcinema.com.ph will present the "Certified-Insta-Star Award" to your favorite personality who has gone viral. Already got someone in mind?

Nomination and voting process:
Nominees under movie, TV, music, and radio categories must have a project this year (whether it’s ongoing, it’s upcoming, or it’s been concluded)
Trending/newsmaker nominees should be those who made a strong impact to the public.
Nominees will be based on the most commented names by fans (from article).
10 official nominees per category, but for the final round, only five will slug it out to win the category.

The ultimate online fan experience gets even better here at starcinema.com.ph.

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