'You Changed My Life'

How do you know when you have found, 'The One?'

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/26/2015 in News
'You Changed My Life'

"The One" - the more we repeat these words, the less
idea we have of what does it means.

Most often we hear people asking, "Nasaan na ba si The One?", and
"Paano mo ba malalaman kung siya na ba talaga ang The One ng buhay mo?".
People always see these phrases as a boyfriend and girlfriend kind of set-up.
But for me, as a New Girl in Media, I can finally say that I have already found my
"The One." - Yes, Star Cinema is THE ONE.

From my usual daily routines before I entered this industry, to something different that
only Star Cinema was able to offer, it has definitely created an impact in my life - it
has changed my life.

"Just give your best when you love," is a line from the movie
"You Changed My Life" starring Sarah Geronimo as Laida, and
John Lloyd Cruz as Miggy.

Now that I have found my own version of my "The One," I have started loving it day by
day when I go to work. In my previous blog entry, where I said that changes may be
something positive or negative, change may really be difficult at first, but as time goes by,
we will eventually learn to accept these changes in our lives.

How about you, who or what has changed your life?

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