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Tears, regrets as Eduardo confronts Amor Powers

Emotions rise as Eduardo confronts his ex-girlfriend Amor.

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Star Cinema Admin

9/19/2015 in News
Tears, regrets as Eduardo confronts Amor Powers

MANILA -- After finding out the truth behind Amor's return to Punta Verde, Eduardo finally took the courage to confront his former girlfriend to ask her if she has not yet forgotten about their tragic love story.

"Bakit ka nagbalik sa buhay ko?" Eduardo asked.
"As far as I'm concerned, hindi ikaw ang binalikan ko dito. So what explanation do I owe you, Eduardo?" Amor quickly answered.
Eduardo was not satisfied with Amor's answer. The Punta Verde governor still had one question in his mind.
"Ikaw Amor, galit ka pa ba sa akin?" he asked.
Amor (Jodi Sta.Maria) stared at Eduardo (Ian Veneracion) before answering.
After giving her answer, Amor decided to leave Eduardo and get inside her house. But, the governor, who seemed to have felt Amor's pain, stopped her by holding her hand.

Amor, however, removed her hand from Eduardo's grip and directly went inside the house. Eduardo, on the other hand, decided to drive home.

But the confrontation left the two with several things to ponder on.

As Amor entered her room, she saw her reflection on the mirror. She then gently touched the hand Eduardo held.
In her thoughts, Amor felt sorry for what she told Eduardo. But her words echoed on Eduardo's head.

Because of the heavy feeling that the confrontation with Amor has brought to him, Eduardo decided to speak with Punta Verde's priest. He went there not to get an advice, but just to express his feelings to someone.

"Noong kausap ko si Amor, ang daming tumatakbo sa isip ko. Hindi ko alam kung gusto ko siyang tanungin tungkol kay Diego, kung 'yon ba ang dahilan kung bakit galit siya sa akin o dahil tinalikuran ko siya. Pero noong nakikita ko 'yong mga mata niya, wala akong ibang nakikita kung 'di nasaktan ko siya," Eduardo said.

The priest patiently listened to Eduardo's confession.

"I know this does not sound right, but at that time, all I wanted to do was to comfort her, yakapin siya. Because I can't go on like this, knowing na wala siyang nararamdaman kung hindi galit sa akin," Eduardo confessed.

The priest then told Eduardo that it is normal to feel that way, but he reminded the governor that forgiving and starting over again is a long, difficult process.

"Hindi ako susuko hangga't hindi ko nakikita si Diego. At hindi ako lalayo kay Amor hanggang sa makita ko na wala na siyang galit sa akin," Eduardo assured the priest.

Amor, on the other hand, spoke to her best friend Betty Mae (Erika Padilla). But something was bothering Betty Mae. She wanted to know why David (Diego Loyzaga) is working for both Amor and Eduardo.

"Tapatin mo nga ako, coincidence ba na nagtratrabaho siya para sa inyong dalawa? Oh baka naman..." Betty Mae said.

But before she could continue her speculation, Amor finished her sentence and gave her the truth.

"Oh baka naman plinano ko ang lahat ng ito," Amor revealed.
"Oo. Plinano ko. Gumaganti ako. At ginagawa ko ang lahat ng ito para pabagsakin sila. Kahit na ang sakit sakit na dito, kahit ang hirap nang dalhin lahat ng galit at poot, pero ginagawa ko para sa lahat ng taong nawala sa akin. Dahil matagal ko nang tinanggap sa sarili ko na hindi na ako uli magiging masaya," Amor added.

Amor burst in tears. At that moment, Betty Mae knew that no words can comfort her best friend. Instead of saying another word, she decided to just hug Amor

Twitter users felt deeply involved in watching the confrontation between Amor and Eduardo. They expressed their thoughts and feelings with the hashtag #PSYTinikSaDibdib.

SOURCE: https://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/09/18/15/watch-tears-regrets-eduardo-confronts-amor-powers

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