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Pangako Sa 'Yo: What Angelo and Yna did in the 'Honeymoon Suite'

Yna and Angelo talk about their future together in an intimate date.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/16/2015 in News
Pangako Sa 'Yo: What Angelo and Yna did in the 'Honeymoon Suite'

MANILA - In an attempt to help Yna de-stress from her problems, Angelo brought her to the spa. The two originally intended to sleep in separate rooms, but all rooms were occupied except for one-- the "Honeymoon Suite."

At first, Yna was hesitant to sleep in the same room as Angelo. But the endless possibilities that await them drove Yna to agree.
The couple started their night with a foot spa. While the therapists pamper their feet, the two discussed the relaxing silence and peace they found together in the spa.

"Ang ganda 'no? Relaxing, peaceful, tahimik... tamang tama para sayo, para sa 'tin," Angelo said.

"Tahimik nga. Tapos, parang ang layo layo sa gulo," Yna replied.

Angelo started talking about Madame Claudia's experience in the place.

"Pumunta na rin siya dito dati. Ganito, para mag-relax, para mag-yoga. Pero kaysa ma-relax siya, lalo pa siyang nagalit, tapos na-stress kasi hindi niya maabot 'yong paa niya habang nagyo-yoga siya," Angelo recalled.

But Yna seemed to be uncomfortable about the topic. She has had a lot of traumatic memories with Madame Claudia, making the former an unpleasant topic. Angelo then noticed Yna's discomfort about the discussion.

"Yna, sorry kay mama ha. And sorry rin dahil minsan naging manhid ako at hindi ko napansin 'yong mga ginagawa niya sa'yo," Angelo said.
"Tapos na 'yon. Lilipas din ito," Yna said.

She also reminded her boyfriend that no matter what happens, he should never lose his respect for his mom. Angelo felt Yna's sincerity, prompting him to move his bench closer to Yna's spot.

"Oh, bakit?" Yna asked.

Without words, Angelo responded by tightly holding Yna's hand. And then they smiled to each other.

As the night went deeper, so does their conversation. After the foot spa, the two started discussing their family plans.

Angelo said he wanted to have four children, but Yna only wanted to have two, just like Angelo and his sibling Lia. Yna told Angelo that she wants their future children to stand for each other, something she never experienced with her brother Caloy.

"Pero, seryoso. Masaya lang isipin itong mga 'to. Pero hindi naman ako nagmamadali. Kapag natupad ko na ang mga pangarap ng pamilya ko, doon ko na iisipin ang sarili ko," Yna said.

Angelo then smiled and said he is willing to wait.

"Maghihintay ako, kahit gaano pa 'yan katagal. Kasi wala naman akong ibang mamahalin kung hindi ikaw," he said.

The heat rose as the couple decided to have a whole body massage. Angelo and Yna entered a room with two beds that were only divided by a white, translucent curtain. Angelo removed his robe first. Yna silently stared at Angelo's silhouette.

When Angelo was already undressed, Yna took her turn to free her body. Angelo laid on his bed, while Yna was gently removing her dress.

The couple looked into each other's eyes. They seemed to be trying to get a clue on what to do next.

They both reached out for the curtain. What will they do next?

The couple decided to close it, and just focus on the relaxing massage.

After pampering their bodies, the couple finally went inside the "Honeymoon Suite." It was a sweet night for both of them.

Looking at each other as they were alone inside the private room, the bed called their bodies to rest. Angelo carried Yna and put her to bed with him. They stared at each other for a moment.

And then, Yna's phone rang. It was her Nanay Belen, asking where they are and telling her to come home.

Angelo and Yna were not totally alone inside the room. Twitter netizens joined them in the "Honeymoon Suite" by tweeting their reactions. The episode's official hashtag #PSYInitNgDamdamin was part of the worldwide trend on Twitter.


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