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‘Bridges of Love’ Quote of the day: ‘Wala kayong puso! Niloko niyo ang kapatid ko!’

The Big Reveal: Gael (Jericho Rosales) figured out that Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) is a killer!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/7/2015 in News
‘Bridges of Love’ Quote of the day: ‘Wala kayong puso! Niloko niyo ang kapatid ko!’

Carlos Antonio (Paulo Avelino) figured out that there is someone accountable for the death of his best friend, Muloy (Janus Del Prado). Carlos called the wife of Muloy, Priscilla (Hiyasmin Neri), to inform her that his husband did not commit suicide. Eager to give justice to Muloy, Carlos met up with Louie Sandejas (AJ Dee) in a warehouse and was tortured.
Gael (Jericho Rosales) and Atty. Eva (Isabel Oli) gathered information to solve the case of Muloy. They learned that the alleged “suicide letter” of Muloy was just fraud. Moreover, they find the autopsy agent Dr. Amanda suspicious because she wore the very same pin the suspect in Muloy’s case was wearing as seen on the CCTV footage. Wanting to know more about her involvement in the murder, they followed her.
During the thanks-giving party of Lorenzo for his bounce back to business, he received a call from Amanda. Carlos and Atty. Eva saw Amanda and Lorenzo as they talked outside the mansion. The two questioned why Dr. Amanda went straight to the mansion of Lorenzo (Edu Manzano). Amanda confessed that Lorenzo killed Muloy.
Back inside the party, Lorenzo once again received a call, this time from Sandejas telling him that they are hurting Carlos. Sandejas asked for P50 Million.
Meanwhile, Gael went inside the mansion and said to Lorenzo, “Wala kayong puso! Niloko niyo ang kapatid ko!” He accused Lorenzo of being a killer. Manang Vida (Malou de Guzman) believed Gael and wanted to become a witness to the case, but Lorenzo threatened her.
Then, Gael saw thru the phone of Lorenzo that Carlos was being tortured in a warehouse. Gael went straight to the warehouse to save Carlos. He told the latter that Lorenzo killed his best friend, not Sandejas. But Carlos argued with Gael and insisted that his father is innocent.
The police came to rescue Carlos and Gael.
Mia (Maja Salvador) went to the Antonio’s mansion to check if Carlos is around.  He failed to see Carlos, but he was able to talk to Lorenzo. The latter planned to kidnap Mia for his protection.
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