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Netizens buzz about 'One More Chance' sequel teaser

Tweeps rekindle 'hugot' feels from 'Popoy,' 'Basha'

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/18/2015 in News
Netizens buzz about 'One More Chance' sequel teaser

The twitterverse was flooded with surprise and excitement with the release of "One More Chance" sequel from the netizens who got a glimpse of what happened to their favorite characters from the now modern classic film.

The more than four-minute clip reminded those who have seen "One More Chance" eight years ago all the feelings they got from "Popoy" and "Basha," portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, respectively.

Many were happy over the mere fact that it's another John Lloyd-Bea film and most of them just couldn't contain their happiness finding out that their love story has been extended, while also vowing to themselves to watch the sequel when it comes out.

Here are some of what the netizens has to say:


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