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'Bridges of Love' quote of the day: 'Ramdam ko na wala siyang pagmamahal sa akin"

Carlos feels unloved by Mia

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/8/2015 in News
'Bridges of Love' quote of the day: 'Ramdam ko na wala siyang pagmamahal sa akin

Gael (Jericho Rosales) was disappointed to see the engagement of Carlos (Paulo Avelino) and Mia (Maja Salvador) in the newspaper headline. Likewise, Alexa (Carmina Villaroel), who was also hurt because of the engagement, said to Abner (Manuel Chua) that they should go on with their plans for Carlos to experience how it feels like to lose the one he loves.

Meanwhile, Atty. Eva (Isabel Oli-Prats) headed to Gael’s home from the Prosecutor’s office where the case filed by Gael is currently being reviewed. She said that they need to gather other evidence justifying that Carlos went to the hospital to visit Gael, because the nurse doesn’t want to serve as a witness. Upon hearing the need for evidences, Marilen (Maureen Mauricio) volunteered to give testimony for his son, Gael.

On the other hand, Carlos insisted to cancel their photoshoot with Martina even upon the request of Mia. He assured Mia that the most important thing is their marriage, not the pictorial for show. Later on, he asked Mia if she loves him, but didn’t force her to answer because when he looked into her eyes, it seemed obvious that Mia is not in love with him at all. Consequently, he just requested Mia to teach herself to love him.

Seeing the disheartened Carlos, Muloy (Janus del Prado) asked him the reason behind his despair, he answered “Ramdam ko na wala siyang [Mia] pagmamahal sa akin.”

At the end of the day, Carlos gave Mia a car as his engagement gift without expecting anything in return and said that he can give anything for the sake of love.



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