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Former child stars who 'bounced back' from a troubled past

Former child stars, nakalusot sa mga problema

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/3/2015 in News
Former child stars who 'bounced back' from a troubled past

Recovery from an unpleasant past is possible.
This is what former child stars Baron Geisler, Mark Anthony Fernandez have proven. Since actors are role models, they can inspire fellow celebrities to their own journey into recovery.

With what happened recently to the multi-awarded former child actor Jiro Manio, the industry hopes that his talent will be, once again, witnessed. 
Just like how these great actors bounced back from such a dilemma.
Baron Geisler
After frequent arrests for alcoholism and stints in rehab, child star and award-winning actor Baron Geisler finally kicked his addiction in 2011. The 33-year-old actor thanked God, his family, and his physical fitness routine for keeping him in check. In his interview with ABS-CBN after rehab the same year, Baron said “I have forgiven myself. I learned that addiction is just a symptom of a deeper problem that we have to address — at once! I just want to move on.”

Mark Anthony Fernandez  
Likewise, Mark Anthony Fernandez said after recovery from drug dependence in 2005, "I hope the moviegoers will welcome me back. Now, I realize more than ever that I'm made for showbiz and I'll always be in showbiz."

Good thing these child stars manage to get back to the lives they once had. Thus, nothing is a hopeless case. In connection, what happened to Jiro Manio shall pass and he too will bounce back; after all, everything is a work in progress.

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