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‘Bridges of Love’ quote of the day: ‘Walang iwanan, ‘di ba?’

Bridges of Love: Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino postpone wedding day

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/21/2015 in News
‘Bridges of Love’ quote of the day: ‘Walang iwanan, ‘di ba?’

Romulo Angeles (Janus Del Prado) was killed by Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) the night before the wedding of Mia (Maja Salvador) and Carlos (Paulo Avelino) to suppress the truth about the real identity of the latter. Moreover, the death was manipulated to appear as suicide. Consequently, Lorenzo announced that the wedding is moved because of the incident that happened to the best friend of the groom.

In the morgue, Carlos cried and said to the body of Romulo, “Walang iwanan, ‘di ba?” He is in too much pain because more than just a best friend, he treated Muloy as his brother.

On the other hand, Alexa (Carmina Villaroel) said to Abner (Manuel Chua) that she’d tried everything and confessed the truth to stop the romance of Mia and Carlos, but she still failed. So, Abner advised Alexa to give up all her plans. Alexa, however, insisted that Mia doesn’t deserve to be happy and she shouldn’t be loved.

Meanwhile, Gabriel (Jericho Rosales) asked his mother, Marilen (Maureen Mauricio), “Nalaman ko kung ano ‘yung tama, pero bakit parang walang lugar ang tama rito?” The latter answered him to never give up because all that seemed to be painful now shall pass soon.
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