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Sharon: ‘I wish it was only ‘sexy poses’ that started all this’

Sharon asks everyone to spare her from judgment

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/3/2015 in News
Sharon: ‘I wish it was only ‘sexy poses’ that started all this’

Megastar Sharon Cuneta posted another statement about her “tampuhan” with her daughter KC Concepcion, on her Facebook page last Tuesday, June 2.
After KC aired her side in an interview with “Aquino and Abunda Tonight,” Sharon received mixed reactions from the netizens. Some sympathized with what she’s going through as a mother. However, some labeled her as a close-minded person. 
Sharon expressed her dismay over it and once again, she took to Facebook her frustrations.
The Megastar wrote:
“Like I said, I wouldn't post anything else except, among other things, to clear up something. Thanks and have a nice day.
I wish it was only ‘sexy poses’ that started all this. That is all I will say. And I am the person who not only carried her for nine months, but raised her, often at the expense of my own health. I made decisions for her, often at the expense of my own personal happiness. She has a college degree from a school located in a place that enabled her to learn so much more than just academics, because I sacrificed my own degree to work for her future. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for everyone else on this planet, I am the only one who made all these sacrifices, I am the only one who knows what I went through in private, and what I had to endure publicly when I was the only one raising her. It is sad that even those who these should matter to seem to have forgotten, or are not grateful for them. And so though you are all entitled to your own opinion, it is sometimes both hurtful and amusing to me how some think they know everything about what is going on now.
There are reasons that are more hurtful and much worse than just ‘posing sexy.’ Daming judgmental sa mundo talaga minsan. We need to learn to see the whole picture first before we exercise our right to give our opinion. And that whole picture? Sorry, not happening. That "whole picture" is personal and private. In MY opinion, people who know NOTHING at all except what they see and think, should refrain from commenting farther on this. Parang kunyari nagagalit ka sa isang tao, kasi kausap mo sa phone at tinatanong mo kung puede mo siya dalawin at nasa bahay lang siya, pero parang galit siya sa yo at ayaw niya. Galit ka na, so kung anu-ano na ang sinasabi mo about her. Yung pala ayaw ka lang niya madamay kasi may mga magnanakaw na papatayin pala siya sa loob ng bahay niya, at pag dumalaw ka, pati ikaw, papatayin. So after that malalaman mo napatay pala siya. Di ba ang sama at sakit siguro ng loob mo kasi lahat na ng masama, lahat ng opinion at AKALA mo tungkol sa kanya, MALI PALA? Ganon ang nangyayari madalas sa puro akala lang.
I want to thank you so much again for caring for us. I see comments from those of you who really do, and I appreciate all of them. But some, mali. Sexy photos are just the icing that has been spread too soon and therefore has melted on this still-baking BIG and DEEP cake that can't seem to reach the ‘baked and finished’ stage. Tip of the iceberg.

Please, baka naman puede i-request na ako naman ang i-spare ng iba from judgment? Nanay ako eh. Ang mga kinakasakit ng loob ko, wala kayong kaalam-alam. At ang nanay lang yata talaga ang poprotekta ng sariling anak kahit may sama pa siya ng loob dito. Thanks again. God bless us all.”

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