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‘Pangako Sa ’Yo’ quote of the day: “Baka nagayuma lang kayo.”

‘Pangako Sa ’Yo:’ Angelo (Daniel Padilla) threatens to fire Yna (Kathryn Bernardo)

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/29/2015 in News
‘Pangako Sa ’Yo’ quote of the day: “Baka nagayuma lang kayo.”

Angelo (Daniel Padilla) watches Yna (Kathyrn Bernardo) and David (Diego Loyzaga) while they eat lunch. Denying his jealousy, Angelo still believes that his father and Yna have an affair, and that David is just a front.
The next day, the chefs taste Angelo’s dishes only to reject it once again.

“Baka nagayuma lang kayo,” he says getting mad when Chef Jen (Arlene Mulach) compares Yna’s cooking skills with his.

Not knowing that Yna can hear him, he claims that she just got lucky and that he will cook a dish that would make them forget how delicious her dishes are.

That night, Isko (Ronnie Lazaro) was burning with fever. Yna asked permission from Chef Tony (Lou Veloso) if she can have a little of basil to treat her father’s sickness. He told her that she can have it all because no one will use it anyway.

The next day, Angelo got furious when he found out that his jar of basil was missing.

Chef Tony blamed Yna for stealing it. Angelo called her a nuisance who thinks she can get away with everything and threatened to fire her if she doesn’t replace it.

Angelo says that he feels guilty whenever he mistreats Yna, but he can’t help it whenever he thinks of her affair with his father.
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