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'Bridges of Love' quote of the day: 'Itatama ko na ang lahat'

Mia (Maja Salvador) chooses who to marry and who to let go

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/29/2015 in News
'Bridges of Love' quote of the day: 'Itatama ko na ang lahat'

Carlos (Paulo Avelino) goes to Mia’s (Maja Salvador) house and talks to her about fixing their relationship.

Gael (Jericho Rosales), still recovering from his accident, enters the room in the middle of their conversation and warns Mia that Carlos would only bring her harm all her life. Meanwhile, Carlos asks her to marry him.

The two men argue and start to fight. Carlos pushes Gael, and due to his ill-health, he falls to the ground. Suddenly, he is reminded of a similar encounter with his brother JR.

“Itatama ko na ang lahat,” Mia says tired of being in the middle of Carlos and Gael’s dispute.
In the end, Mia chooses Carlos over Gael and says that she would marry him. She says that she has hurt Gael too much and that now is the time to let him go.

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