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How Direk Paul proposed to Toni

Toni, Direk Paul, and their parents give details how the marriage proposal went

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/19/2015 in News
How Direk Paul proposed to Toni

We know details about Direk Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga’s beautiful wedding, but we don’t know how they got there.

In a video posted by abs-cbn.com, we finally hear the story behind Direk Paul’s marriage proposal to Toni with details shared by themselves and their parents.

It started with Direk Paul talking about what went on before he popped the question at the night after Toni’s birthday last January 21.

The night began with Direk Paul trying to act normal in front of everyone at dinner.

“We went to the lobby, parang CR kuno. The whole dinner, the ring was in my pocket but I just had to do my best and act normal and like nothing’s gonna happen,” said Direk Paul.

Direk Paul thought he was alone in this, not realizing that his mom Marissa had a hunch that something was going on.

“I noticed something with Paul because I know him as my son, so he was ano, parang jittery. Restless, no? He was always standing up and moving around. He hardly sat down!” said Marissa.

Direk Paul then took Toni back to their home and there he talked to her parents Carlito and Christina “Mommy Pinty” Gonzaga.

“Si Paul, nag-ano na siya… Nagsalita siya. Nanginginig yung boses niya. Naiiyak. Sabi pa niya nag-practice daw siya last night… ‘It’s very long but I can’t remember what I’ve practiced,'" said Mommy Pinty.

Direk Paul went up to Toni’s room with her parents and that’s where the marriage proposal happened.
Toni said, “Paul knelt down and then he asked for my hand and then I said yes. Then we hugged.”

Tears of joy flowed from their cheeks and the room was filled happiness. However, Toni’s witty sister Alex (Catherine in real life) had a different reaction.

“Ito pang si Catherine, ‘oh my gosh hindi ko na-video!’” said Toni. But she added, “Pero I like what Paul said: ‘There are some moments in your life that cannot be captured on camera, but [it can be] captured only by the heart.’”

Direk Paul headed on to his parents’ house next with a big surprise to reveal.

“Paul comes to our home at 1:00AM which is totally unusual, dumeretso [siya] sa kwarto namin, hindi siya nag-knock,” said his dad Jeric. “Tapos sabi niya, ‘Dad, Mom I have news for you.”

 “And then lumabas si Toni sa likod niya, sabi niya ‘We’re engaged!” said Marissa.

Everything else followed for Direk Paul and Toni- their official announcement in “The Buzz,” wedding plans, until they finally sealed the deal at Taytay United Methodist Church last June 12, their 8th anniversary together.


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