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‘Bridges of Love’ quote of the day: ‘Gustung-gusto ko siyang bawiin sa ‘yo!’

Gael (Jericho Rosales) denies all of Carlos’ (Paulo Avelino) accusations

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/18/2015 in News
‘Bridges of Love’ quote of the day: ‘Gustung-gusto ko siyang bawiin sa ‘yo!’

Gael (Jericho Rosales) saves Mia (Maja Salvador) from being taken advantage by Carlos (Paulo Avelino).
The two men get into a fistfight after Mia does her escape. Drunk, Carlos loses against Gael and he passes out without hearing Gael’s threats for him.
The next day, Carlos immediately calls Mia the moment he realizes he did something bad to her. He goes to her studio and forces her to talk, but Mia didn’t give in and continued to ignore him.
Carlos goes on a rage and meets Gael at a construction where the two of them used to work. They get into another rumble and there Gael denies all of Carlos and his father’s accusations but her admitted to one thing.
“Gustong gusto ko siyang bawiin sa ‘yo!” Gael says when Carlos makes him admit that he still has feelings for Mia.
Gael continues on saying that no matter how much he loves Mia, he didn’t make any move on her because he respected their relationship. But now that Carlos is acting all crazy and jealous, Gael says that he will get Mia back.
Meanwhile, Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) and Manuel (Lito Pimentel) have a fight of their own at the office. Manuel defends Gael but Lorenzo pushes him by saying that they are both thieves.
Manuel lands a punch on Lorenzo’s face and Lorenzo does the same to him.

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