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Claudia (Angelica Panganiban) offers Angelo (Daniel Padilla) a deal he can’t refuse

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/15/2015 in News

Angelo (Daniel Padilla) gets himself in another mess with the police but he’s let off once again by his father’s connections.

When he gets home, his parents, Claudia (Angelica Panganiban) and Eduardo (Ian Veneracion), give him a piece of their mind and a confrontation between Angelo and Eduardo erupts.

Angelo walks away but then Claudia faints in his wake so the tension settled down for a while. Angelo talks to Claudia, who’s in bed looking faint, and she tells him that she is willing to support him in everything he desires to do if he spares their family’s name to shame.

She offers him a deal asking him to stay good to his father and work for him until he finally lets him fly to the States and do whatever he wants in life.

“Am I genius of what,” says Claudia, impressed with her own plan.

Claudia tells her plan to Eduardo and thinks about for a while. He calls Claudia and Angelo to his office the next day and he tells Angelo his offer.

To Claudia’s surprise, Eduardo tells Angelo a totally different plan. He asks his son to work for their resort and challenges him to make it successful in six months. If he succeeds, they will let fly off to the States. If he fails, he will stay in town and do whatever his parents want.

Angelo agrees to the deal and once again meets Yna (Kathryn Bernardo) in a nearby forest where she’s looking for her lost necklace.

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