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Joross Gamboa plays gay character in international movie

StarCinema.com.ph flies to Thailand to join Joross Gamboa in the premiere of his international movie

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/13/2015 in News
Joross Gamboa plays gay character in international movie

Former Star Circle Questor Joross Gamboa was beaming with pride as he attended the international screening of his movie "I love you, Thank you," held earlier today, June 13, at the Esplanade Cineplex, Bangkok. The movie is part of the Bangkok Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

The movie follows the story of three lost and jaded twenty-somethings whose intertwining lives share a common search for direction and purpose as they try to cope up with the joys and pains of quarter-life crisis in a place not their comfort zone.

Directed by Charliebebs Gohetia, the movie highlighted Joross' maturity as an actor. The movie received good reviews from critics during its earlier screenings.

In a post made by talent manager Noel Ferrer after an earlier screening, he said, "Even if we had a late screening, people trooped to the theater to watch, and the audience was so engaged that they asked a lot of questions and praised the production for a well made film shot in 3 countries, but talked loudly in one language of love!"

"I am so thankful that people appreciate the hard work we've put into this film," says Joross.

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