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Carlos (Paulo Avelino) discovers his real identity

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/1/2015 in News

Gael (Jericho Rosales) and Carlos (Paulo Avelino) get themselves in the middle of a robbery and kept as captives while the masked men raid the office they work in.

The robbers finish and leave just before a computer shorts circuit and erupts in fire.

Mia (Maja Salvador) waits for Carlos, oblivious of what’s happening to him. She eventually finds out through the news and wastes no time to see Carlos.
Gael helps Carlos remove the rope tied around his wrists and tells him a story about his brother “JR” then Carlos gets hunch who this “JR” is.

The two escape the fire together then go separate their ways once they were out.

Mia catches car on the road and rushes to him. She hugs him tightly but Carlos, distraught with what he just found out, acts cold towards Mia.

She pleads to him saying, “Alam kong may problema tayo pagusapan natin! Kung galit ka sabihin mo sakin!”
Carlos turns her down and asks Mia to give him some time.

He drives away to think and later ends up outside the Nakpils home. He gets a sight of Marilen, his biological mother, and watches her from afar.

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