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Ex-PBB housemate Tricia Santos moves forward

Tricia Santos: then and now

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/9/2015 in News
Ex-PBB housemate Tricia Santos moves forward

Ex “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Tricia Santos said that she wanted to get away from the “teeny-bopper” image people remembered her when she posed for “FHM” magazine’s March issue for their "New Crush.”

At the same time, Tricia also wanted to show everybody that she is better now and that she has gotten healthier compared to how she was in 2012, the time when she was suspected for being anorexic.
Tricia, however, cleared that her dramatic weight loss was due to depression and not an eating disorder.

“I suffered from depression and everyone knows na I got really thin and there were anorexia rumors about me. I think it’s about time to show people that I’ve recovered from it. And to show other girls who were suffering from depression that they can recover from it,” she said in an interview with PEP.ph.

Now, that she’s moved on, Tricia’s all for being healthy and stated that she wants to focus on being an athlete.

“I’m trying to focus more on my sport now that I’m out of showbiz. And, I want to improve more on volleyball,” she shared.

Tricia also said that she’s not closing her doors for a showbiz comeback, but is not hopeful as well.

“For now, volleyball is really my top priority,” said Tricia.

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