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Recap of Love: Maja Salvador fears Antoinette Taus is up to no good

Carlos and Gael head to Punta del Sol to prepare construction papers for the bridge project

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/5/2015 in News
Recap of Love: Maja Salvador fears Antoinette Taus is up to no good

—Carlos (Paulo Avelino) and Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) play paint ball despite of the busy schedule and things lined up to be done. Lorenzo was hit a few minutes into the game so Carlos had to take over. Lorenzo remembered the old times when they played the same game when Carlos was still young. Flashbacks filled Lorenzo’s mind.
— Tres (John Manalo) really wants to obtain a summer internship at Antonio Holdings. But due to the past his parents had with Lorenzo Antonio, they did not allow Tres to apply. But because Tres did not know of the said past, he secretly filled up a form for the internship.
— Carlos arrives at Punta del Sol but realizes that he left the blueprints at home. He calls Mia up to let her know so she could go to his house and check if the blueprints are really there. Georgina (Max Eigennmann) meets Camille (Antoinette Taus) on the way out of the office and Camille asks if she could ride to Punta del Sol with them.
— Mia rushes to Carlos’ room to find the blueprint and Georgina arrives a few moments later to pick it up. Mia then escorts Georgina out the house and sees Camille in the car as well. Camille also sees Mia and a feeling of shock and confusion overcame Camille. Georgina asked if she was alright, Camille said she was and that she just remembered something. Mia talks to Venus (Jopay Paguia) about Camille. Venus tells Mia that she should do something about it but Mia says it’s no longer important because Camille is just a part of the past.
— Camille arrived at Punta del Sol and gave Gael his needed documents. She also told Gael things about Mia’s relationship with Carlos but Gael said he doesn’t have any reason to think about that because he was there for work. Camille called his father and told him how she told another lie to Gael. Her father got mad at her and said that she should stop telling Gael lies because those lies will never be able to correct the truth.
— Carlos and Gael enter the working area and the men of the Panlilio firm started working. One of them presented his final draft to Carlos but Carlos turned down his work and discriminated him. Carlos became mad and told everyone to do better because next time, he’ll be sending someone home. Gael gave Carlos a glass of water and said it was to cool his head. Carlos said if someone wastes his time, he’ll send everyone home and make other people do the work. Gael told Carlos that it isn’t right to have the kind of mentality where he thinks he can buy everyone with his money. Gael said it’s his men, so it’s his responsibility.

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