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Pacquiao daughter: Daddy tried his best, no rematch please

“Mayweather kept on hugging and hugging and hugging,” Princess tells ABS-CBN North America Bureau.

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5/3/2015 in News
Pacquiao daughter: Daddy tried his best, no rematch please

MANILA - Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao's daughter, Princess Pacquiao, perhaps, best summed up what Pacman fans should consider now that the mega-fight is over: daddy did his best and it's good he didn't get hurt bad.

In an interview with ABS-CBN North America Bureau correspondent Steve Angeles, the eldest daughter of the Filipino boxing icon said: “When Mayweather was cornered, he [Mayweather] keeps on hugging and hugging and hugging.”

She agreed that her father could have thrown a lot of punches, but Mayweather kept on "moving and moving and moving.”

Princess said she does not want her father to have another bout with Mayweather. “I don’t want a Mayweather rematch anymore. I don’t like him so much.”

Princess and her youngest sister, Queen Elizabeth or Queenie, said they are still open to their father fighting in the ring once again.

“As long as he doesn’t get hurt, it’s okay with me. Just even one scratch on daddy’s face, I’m 100% mad at the person who did it,” Princess said.

Queenie said she does not feel sad that their father lost.

“At least, daddy tried his best to win. He’s not doing this for us naman. He’s doing this for the Lord. Daddy has one scar but it’s okay that he got hurt because that was just a little scratch. At least it’s not big,” she said.

Queenie also highlighted the fact that the Pacman barely got scratches on his face.

“I’m so glad that daddy is still safe -- so glad that he only has a little scratch on his face and not that big. It’s okay if daddy loses or not. Basta lang he tried his best to serve the Lord,” she said.

Queenie is six years old, and Princess is eight.

SOURCE: https://www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/05/03/15/pacquiao-daughter-daddy-tried-his-best-no-rematch-please
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