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JC Padilla singing career debuts on ‘OPM Fresh’

Daniel Padilla's younger brother JC, ipinakilala sa "OPM Fresh"

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/2/2015 in News
JC Padilla singing career debuts on ‘OPM Fresh’

JC Padilla, son of actress Karla Estrada and musician Naldy Padilla of Orient Pearl, makes a debut at Star Music’s “OPM Fresh” Album Press Conference in Tomas Morato, April 28, Thursday.

At the event, JC Padilla was asked if ever he feels the pressure at all of being compared to his dad, Naldy Padilla and his older brother Daniel. 

“Sa akin, hindi yun pressure eh. Para sa akin, inspiration yun para maging proud sila sa akin. Especially my dad, na we’re both singers and Rock and roll kaming dalawa.” Padilla said. 

Although JC’s quality of voice resembles his brother Daniel Padilla, he tells during the event that he does not struggle for his voice to sound different from his older brother. 

“Di naman po. Ano lang talaga magkapatid po kasi kami. Hindi ko naman po ginagaya pero siguro ganun talaga yung style ko," he explained.

He also added  that Daniel’s voice is cleaner to hear compared to his, which is huskier. 

"Siguro yung pagiging husky ng boses. Mas ano yung kay Kuya, mas clean," explained JC.
When asked about his plans of becoming better than his father Naldy Padilla, he quipped, "ang sabi niya sa akin bago maging proud siya sa akin, kailangan  mahigitan na abot niya.”

Before JC Padilla debuted as a solo artist, he was a part of a band with his brother Daniel and two other friends, “Parking 5."

“OPM Fresh” is now available at all record bars nationwide.
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