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How is Charo Santos-Concio as a mother?

Charo Santos-Concio explains how ‘tough love’ helped her raise her sons

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/2/2015 in News
How is Charo Santos-Concio as a mother?

ABS-CBN President Charo Santos-Concio is looked up to as a source of strength by many for her amazing courage in leading the country’s biggest network.

She is called as “Ma’am Charo” by many and seen as an inspiration to all that is a Kapamilya. But before she became a leader to an entire corporation, she was first a mother to her two sons, Francis and Martin, whom she treats with “tough love.”

In the cover story of this month's issue of "Working Mom" magazine, Charo explained why she believes that training her sons to be strong is essential, especially now that they are both adults.

“Now, it is about choices,” she told "Working Mom" magazine. “Sometimes they find themselves in a situation where they have to make some difficult choices. I always say, ‘You have to man up.’ In difficult choices, there are tradeoffs. Difficult choices come with pain. You have to man up to that pain, to the defeat, to the failure. Face up to it. Don’t run away.”

She continued, “I will be here to support you emotionally, you can cry to me, I will hug you, but you still have to make a choice. I will not be the one to make that for you. It’s your journey, not mine.”

It’s not easy for her doing so, but she knows she has to do it. 
“Masakit for a mother to see her child suffering and going through some pain, but you have to prepare them for a world where you won’t be around. You have to bring it to that extreme so makakaya mo,” she said.

Read the full interview of the inspiring Charo Santos-Concio in the May 2015 issue of "Working Mom" magazine, out in the stands now!

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