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#InspiringPinoy: Taxi driver returns lost iPhone 6+ to owner

Taxi driver Rowel David receive praises from netizens

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/19/2015 in News
#InspiringPinoy: Taxi driver returns lost iPhone 6+ to owner

A taxi driver named Rowel David received praises from the netizens after a photo of him holding an iPhone 6+ became viral. 
But why?
Well, Rowel found the cellphone in his taxi left by a man named Keijiro Sato, so when Rowel realized whose was it, he wasted no time to drive back where he dropped off Keijiro to return it.  
Keijiro shared this inspiring story on his Facebook account and it easily received more than a 100,000 likes and 20,000 plus comments.

Here’s what he said in his post:
“Today i lost my frigging mobile phone (iphone 6+) while i was going home. I left it in a taxi here in Clark. So, after going online and doing "find my iphone" i saw it was moving along the highway (which confirmed it DEFINITELY was in the taxi). Felt like jumping out this 3rd story window. I barely had the phone for a month. I clicked on "Lost Iphone" and put my friend's number as a callback. The iphone stopped moving in the map eventually and lo and behold. Someone was calling my friend's phone. I picked up and explained it was my phone. He said he was going to bring it back. And you know what? he did. This awesome man. Rowel David of plate number AAW8606. Here he is posing with my phone when he brought it back. I gotta say. Faith in humanity extremely restored right now. As a favor, please share this post to let people know that there are good people in this country who are decent, honest, and noble.”
Some netizens left comments for Rowel, commending his honesty and exceptional kindness.

“One in a million, attitude like that. More power Mr David Bless you!!” - Rita Templanza

“It's a rarity these days but my great admiration to the guy for being so honest.I hope people out there will emulate this act...” - Caridad Kilbride
“Sana po ganyan ang lahat ng taxi driver. Very honest. God Bless u always.” - Eden Gustilo 
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