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Coleen Garcia greets her ‘love’ Billy Crawford a happy birthday

Coleen posts a sweet and heartfelt birthday message for bf Billy on her Instagram

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/16/2015 in News
Coleen Garcia greets her ‘love’ Billy Crawford a happy birthday

Coleen Garcia (@coleengarcia) posts a heartwarming birthday message on Instagram for her It’s Showtime co-host and boyfriend Billy Crawford (@billyjoecrawford), Saturday, May 16, 2015. The post features a black and white photo of 33-year-old Billy and a long caption expressing how thankful she is to have him in her life.
“HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most beautiful human being God has ever blessed me with. My favorite travel buddy, gym partner, hero, teddy bear, clown, twinzie, teacher, bully, warrior, crying shoulder, pillow, best friend, human diary.. the list goes on and on and on! You are the one person who has the ability to make me forget about all the bad things in this world just by being here. You are blessed with a golden heart unlike any other, and your capacity to love and care so much for those who matter in your life never fails to leave me in awe. You continue to save me from this complicated world, from myself, and from all the chaos and animosity that exists beyond what is important. In a world filled with fear and hate and destruction, you still prove to me that life is indeed such a beautiful gift. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love truly is, in its purest, most genuine form. Thank you for fully accepting me as I am, the way no one on earth ever has, and for making me feel like I should never apologize for being myself. Thank you for the unique joy and peace that I have found in you--something I don't ever want to lose. For all that you are, and for all that I am because of you, I am more than grateful. You are my angel sent from God. An overwhelming blessing I know I can't ever deserve. A constant reminder for me to keep going no matter what. I've said this before and I will keep saying it: I can, and will, fight through anything, as long as I have you fighting by my side. I'd love to say that you're my dream-come-true, but I could never ever dream of a partner as perfect as you. I love you,@billyjoecrawford. And I love falling in love with you more and more as each day passes. Enjoy your special day, love.”

After Billy’s birthday performance on It’s Showtime, Coleen posted another photo on her Instagram and captioned “One of the most talented people I know! Flawless performance, love. I'm so proud of you@billyjoecrawford 🎉 Love this remix by @mkdavisjr. Genius!”

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