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Sharon to host talk show with Boy Abunda?

Sharon clarifies rumors of a talk show with Boy Abunda

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/12/2015 in News
Sharon to host talk show with Boy Abunda?

MANILA – Are Sharon Cuneta and Boy Abunda joining forces for a new showbiz-oriented talk show which will supposedly replace the now defunct ABS-CBN program “The Buzz”?

On Facebook, Cuneta said she has been hearing about the rumor for a while now but clarified that there is no truth to it.

“There's some news going around (someone from a TV crew actually asked me about it last Thursday at my Mama Helen's birthday party, and then it came out in a major paper the other day lang) that I am going to be in a show with Kuya Boy Abunda to replace the former ‘The Buzz.’ That would be so great -- only, it isn't true,” she said.

The veteran actress said no one has approached her or her manager about it. She further admitted asking Abunda about the report but the TV host said no one has talked to him about it either.

In fact, Cuneta said she does not know yet what’s in store for her when “Your Face Sounds Familiar” (YFSF) ends.

“I have no idea yet what I'm doing right after ‘YFSF’ kasi my contract with ABS-CBN so far is only for that show. I wish I was as thin as Sarah (Geronimo) or Kim (Chiu) or Maja (Salvador) or Bea (Alonzo), but truth is, I'm a mom now and no longer in my twenties so the weight isn't gonna just fall off as quickly as it used to! I'm just me,” she said.

“And it would be so sad if I had to apologize for being the 'me' that I am now, especially because of the 'me' I was for way too long. I will keep doing what I can, as long as I can, as far as I can take it. But no more than that,” she explained.

Cuneta said she is just happy that her supporters “love me for who I am and what I've achieved and given, and yes, to a certain point what I look like.”

Source: https://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/05/12/15/sharon-host-talk-show-boy-abunda

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