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Recap of Love: Toby Alejar decides to send Antoinette Taus to the US

Feeling fooled and betrayed, Carlos starts to see Gael as a threat

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/12/2015 in News
Recap of Love: Toby Alejar decides to send Antoinette Taus to the US

Jericho nang nalaman ang katotohanan tungkol sa nakaraan
·         Gael (Jericho Rosales) looks through his old works and comes across his design for the house that was supposed to be Mia (Maja Salvador) and his. He tries to convince himself to stop thinking about Mia but ends up rolling up the design and running off to give it to her anyway.

·         Camille (Antoinette Taus) comes home to her dad who is mad about how she has been handling things. She tries to defend herself but Robert (Toby Alejar) tells her that even though she’s trying to help Gael, she’s no longer helping herself or the firm. He makes up his mind and tells Camille that he’s sending her to the States. Camille debates with her father; telling him that she is no longer a child. Robert argues and says she’s no longer a child but she is still acting like one.

·         Alexa (Carmina Villaroel) talks to Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) about how Gabriel deserves praise for his work. Lorenzo tells Alexa that she might already be forgetting about how much work is still needed to be done. He also tells her that if he were Alexa, he wouldn’t bet all his money on Architect Gabriel Napkil.

·         Gael arrives at Mia’s shop but only found Ramon (William Lorenzo) and Nanay Chanda (Marilyn Villamayor). Ramon tells Chanda to put all the things they were bringing home, outside. Gael tries to talk to Ramon and calls him “Tatang.” Ramon immediately tells Gael that it’s no longer necessary to call him that. He asks Gael what it is that he wants from Mia. Gael hands him the design he made for their supposed house. Ramon tells Gael that he hopes this will be the last time he tries to communicate with Mia.

·         Carlos (Paulo Avelino) picks up Mia’s dad and Nanay Chanda from the shop. He helps them with their things and ends up seeing the design Gael left for Mia. He hides it and is silent the whole ride back to Mia’s house. When he dropped off Ramon and Chanda, Carlos no longer got out of the car. He explained that he was tired and Mia should rest as well. But the truth is that he is upset about the truth Mia had revealed to him and no longer trusts Gael. He starts to plan how to handle the situation. 

·         Camille goes to a bar to drink and get drunk. She is alone but starts talking about how much it pains her to think that Gael doesn’t love her back. She contemplates on her situation and wonders what is wrong with her. She keeps drinking until one guy approached her and helped her with her drink. The man tells her that he’ll handle her drink and she asks the man if he could handle her as well.

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