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TipStar: What’s your calling? Let these ‘Four Sisters’ help you decide

Presenting the career women of “Four Sisters and a Wedding."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/6/2015 in News
TipStar: What’s your calling? Let these ‘Four Sisters’ help you decide

By this time, many students may have already graduated, a segment of which is composed of college students. While some have figured out their future plans career-wise, others could still be in a limbo as to what to pursue.
And truth be told, even those who know exactly what they want may still have the career jitters as they embark on the jungle that is the real work life.
Finding your calling is like finding your soul mate: Find your perfect match and you’ll never have to work in a day. Feeling stuck? You might get some insight and inspiration from the characters of the Star Cinema film “Four Sisters and a Wedding.”

Work abroad like Teddie

Some of us opt to seek greener pastures and that it can't be found in the Philippines. Teddie (Toni Gonzaga) tried her luck in Madrid, Spain as a teacher but circumstances challenged her, eventually compelling her to take a job in housekeeping. The lesson here is to go for your dreams when you have the chance, whatever the result might be.

An executive like Bobbie

Maybe you weren’t the leader type in school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise above the corporate ladder and be an executive one day. As long as you are driven and passionate – not just talented, take note – you can succeed. Make Bobbie (Bea Alonzo) your peg: A corporate communications manager who made it in New York.
A filmmaker like Alex

You think that an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job doesn’t suit you; you hate strict structures and guidelines; and you want to work at your own pace, in your own terms. You seek to create something that would inspire people or that would ignite discussions. Perhaps you are in for a career in the arts, like Alex (Angel Locsin), who became an independent filmmaker. Just remember: Pursuing the arts is more of a vocation more than a career. The hours are long (usually), with the pay not exactly compensating that. But if you are able to move people, then that’s priceless, right?
A teacher like Gabbie

Do you feel like you want to help shape the future generations? You love learning and imparting what you know to others? Do you enjoy telling stories and listening to what others have to say as well? If yes, then being an educator like Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao) might be what’s for you. Just don’t forget to take with you lots of patience, understanding, and presence of mind to keep up. If you love it so much, you’d pull it off each time.

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