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Recap of Love: Maja Salvador prepares a sweet surprise for Paulo Avelino

Lorenzo unexpectedly sees the Nakpils in a very unlikely place

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/30/2015 in News
Recap of Love: Maja Salvador prepares a sweet surprise for Paulo Avelino

· Alexa (Carmina Villaroel) met with her friend and asked that he find out more about Camille Panililio (Antoinette Taus). It’s because she doesn’t want Camille to get in the way of her plan. Alexa’s friend said he understands what Alexa went through and how much hate she has for Carlos Antonio (Paulo Avelino), but he wished that Alexa wouldn’t let anger control her life. Alexa told him that anger is the only thing that’s keeping her alive now.
· Mia (Maja Salvador) told Carlos (Paulo Avelino) that she has a surprise for him when he gets home. Carlos said he’s excited and he’ll come home as soon as work’s done. Carlos’ maid walked into the kitchen and found Mia putting down the groceries and told Mia that Carlos is very lucky to have her in his life. When Carlos got home, he saw Mia preparing dinner for both of them.
· Alexa realized that Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) wasn’t at home so she called him up and found out that he was on his way to an architectural show where the future architects showcase their works. He told Alexa that it is important to go back to where he started and help out other people.
· Gael’s (Jericho Rosales) parents were at the same place where Lorenzo went because Tres (John Manalo) displayed his design for a building and they were there to support him. Marilen (Maureen Mauricio) and Manuel (Lito Pimintel) saw flyers for Antonio Holdings and they were afraid that they would see Lorenzo there. Manuel told Marilen that presidents don’t go to these things so there was no need to worry. But at the end of the short program, Lorenzo gave a speech and saw the couple together. They were both surprised to see each other.
· Carlos asked Mia to stay for the night and Mia said that she couldn’t because her father was waiting for her to get home. Carlos insisted and told Mia that he would ask permission from her dad so she could sleep at his place that night. Mia said yes and stayed at Carlos’ place to keep him company.
· Mia found DVD’s near Carlos’ TV set and asked permission if she could look at them. Carlos said it was okay so they ended up watching a movie together and the night ended with them in each other’s arms.

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