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Holy Week Reflection: Honest, promise?

What’s the best lesson you learned from the 2013 series “Honesto”?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/3/2015 in News
Holy Week Reflection: Honest, promise?

Honesty never looked so cute and adorable until it had a poster boy of sorts in Honesto Galang, the young boy played by Raikko Mateo in the 2013 TV series “Honesto.”

He was like a local Pinocchio: If Honesto tells a lie, his nose would grow red and big, unless he reveals the truth.

What if we all had that in real life? Then it would be easier to conclude court cases and find out for sure who’s really telling the truth.

We wouldn’t have to feel frustrated every time we see powerful people, some who are supposed to be public servants, come up with excuse after excuse just to evade the real issue.

In real life, however, we can only hope that people will always be truthful. If we think about it, it’s easier to tell the truth than invent a lie and fool yourself and other people in the process.

Yes, the truth can hurt sometimes, but at least we didn’t gloss things over just because that’s what’s more comfortable and convenient.

If we said or did something wrong, we better own up to it than act like a five-year-old kid hiding behind his mother’s long skirt. Besides, lying can only make things worse, and we wouldn’t want that, right?

Every time you feel afraid to be truthful, remember that the truth is easier to defend than a lie. The truth may haunt you for a while, but it will eventually give you peace. As they say, the truth will set us free.

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